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July 8, 2013

Stunts: From Concept to Action

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The greatest stuntmen are the ones who can imagine a complex series of stunts, break them down into simple parts, and then execute them. For example, the legendary stuntman, martial artist, and actor Jackie Chan can create action scenes many times more exciting and daring than an ordinary stunt director because he knows exactly what is possible.

Once the writer or the stunt director have conceived of what they want to do, the next step is to practice the stunt hundreds of times. The action is broken down into simple movements and moments and each one is studied intensely (more…)

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July 2, 2013

Ryan Gosling’s Stunt Driving Character from Drive

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Chances are if you’ve found this page you are interested in learning more about action stunts. While some actors do perform their own stunts, many use stunt doubles who are made to look similar to the star they replace. So who are the people behind the stars and what is it they do? When it comes to the highly dangerous stunts, like jumping out of a plane or intense fighting scenes, some actors and actresses don’t have the qualifications to perform these shots. Sometimes, it’s because the star’s physical condition isn’t suitable for the stunt, Click Here, other times it’s the result of a contractual obligation. Either way, when a star can’t perform an action-packed scene, film crews bring in stunt doubles; professionals who posses action and fighting skills. Stunt doubles can also be brought in for animal stars, too. A good example of this can be seen with Soccer (better known as Wishbone). The dog wasn’t a swimmer, and as such, crews brought in a replacement for swimming scenes. Whether it’s a human or animal replacement, action stunts are most often performed by professionals.

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May 20, 2013

Life After Hollywood for the Stunt Performer

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Stunt work is definitely hard on the human body. The physical toll stunt work can have on a professional does not lend itself to a long career. So, what can a stunt man when his career in Hollywood is over? There are quite a number of new roles the former stunt man can do.

Stunt coordination would be one such job. This would entail designing and choreographing stunts as opposed to actually taking part in them. Former stunt men could even act as agents and help other stunt professionals find work in the industry. (more…)

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March 25, 2013

Transition from Stunt Performer to Actor

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Many stunt performers have spent years training and preparing for dangerous stunts that they perform in Hollywood films. Many people use this profession as a jumping off point for a career as a movie actor. If you’re thinking of making this transition, follow these helpful tips to get you started in the right direction:

Seek Professional Lessons

Even if you have years of experience as a stunt performer, you will still need professional acting lessons to be competitive against other (more…)

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June 9, 2012

FAQ about the Stunt Performer Profession

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The stunt performing career is one that requires skills, drive, and dedication. Read on for the answers to common questions about the stunt performing profession.

What does a stunt performer do?
Stunt performers portray actors while carrying out dangerous stunts, like crashing cars or jumping off of buildings. They must be rigorously trained and diligent to carry out tasks in the safest means possible, as well as be able to seamlessly mimic an actor’s character.

< (more…)

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April 24, 2011

Three Tips to Break into the Business

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Anyone who’s seen Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof knows how traumatic and important the job of a stuntwoman can be. All the stunts were real in that movie, and the cars were really going that fast, and who knows what was going through the mind of the stuntwoman on the car. The stuntwoman, Zoe Bell, was actually playing herself. This is an interesting movie because it shows how the career of a stuntwoman can also be used as a plot device in a movie. Whatever the case, being a stuntwoman has its perks. But how do (more…)

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April 12, 2011

The Oldest and Youngest Stunt Performers

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One only has to watch an action movie to realize that working in Hollywood can be a dangerous profession. Movie characters fall from buildings, jump out of moving vehicles, and dodge exploding bombs on a daily basis. Many actors pride themselves on doing their own stunts, but others prefer to leave the dangerous stuff to their trusty stunt doubles.

With the youngest stunt performers in their late teens and the oldest near ninety there is a wide range of people looking for danger. Of course the stunt industry isn’t limited to movies. Many stunt people get their start as (more…)

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February 11, 2011

Tequila Stuntman

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We’re supplying this with a full disclaimer that we’re not advocating drinking (well, at least not to excess), but we also felt we just had to include this recipe for a Tequila Stuntman since enjoying one might just hinder enough inhibition for even the most timid of a stuntman want-to-be to get the courage up to make the first step (or stumble, as the case might be) into his new profession.Even if you don’t actually land a job as a stuntman after drinking this, we hope you’ll land on your feet so you can brag that you have legitimately taken on a stuntman performance.Consider yourself warned; and as always, please enjoy responsibly.

Tequila Stuntman
  • 2 ounces top shelf tequila
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 wedge of lemon (wedge, not a slice)


  1. Pour tequila in a shot glass
  2. Line up salt on the back of your hand
  3. Pinch off one nostril with your fingers and snort (inhale) the salt with the other nostril
  4. Immediately down the shot of tequila
  5. Hold one eye open with one hand, grab the lemon wedge with the other, and immediately squeeze it into the eye being held open

Stuff: Yep, it’s going to sting a little, but the blending of the three flavors through the various glands is said to produce a sensation that one doesn’t soon forget. Also, you should probably blow your nose shortly after doing this to remove salt residue from the nasal area.

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December 23, 2010

Stunt Woes on Broadway

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When most people think of stunt men (or women) their minds usually rush straight to Hollywood, thinking the involvement is due to the filming of a major blockbuster that will soon be seen on either the big screen or other avenues like Direct TV deals. But that’s not always the case as evidenced by Broadway’s production of Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark. Yes, you read that right Broadway’s’ production of Spider Man. It seems that the musical version of the hit film has been wrought with stunt man woes that could rival anything out of the Hollywood hills. The show actually had to be cancelled when a stunt double fell 30-feet and plunged into a stage pit after his safety tether that clips to his back failed to perform. Fortunately the stunt double, Christopher W. Tierney, is also a dancer and was reported to have “landed on his feet” by his brother Patrick Tierney. The accident happened during the show’s big finale, when the Green Goblin drops Mary Jane and Spider-Man leaps to her rescue, but in this case the tethering to cut his fall failed and Tierney “just kept falling” according to Bryan Lynch, an audience member who witnessed the fall. The stuntman underwent back surgery and is expected to make a complete recovery partially due to his “strong body and an amazing attitude” according to his brother.

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December 20, 2010

Body Doubles

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We had an earlier entry about stunt doubles, and so it seems somewhat fitting that we also include a few words on body doubles since the act of finding a perfect “double” for a body can very often seem stunt-like in its endeavor. As an example, body double Alisa Hensley has “stood in” for actresses Charlize Theron, Cameron Diaz and Nicole Kidman at different times. And get this. Hensley also acts as a stunt double having used her sculpted muscle by standing in for the female terminator in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. That’s what you truly call pulling double duty. Another noteworthy body double is Donna Scoggiins who shot to notoriety when her legs (and more) were used as a stand in for Julia Roberts’ in Pretty Woman. The use of body doubles is so rampant in Hollywood that film director Brian De Palma brought it to the forefront in the film by the same name in 1984 starring Melanie Griffith. The film picked up a sort of cult following as evidenced by (more…)

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